Saturday, November 17, 2012

lord of the rings/hobbit party

our son requested a lord of the rings/hobbit birthday party this year. his dad has been reading the book to him every night.   wilson just wanted a handful of friends, and time to play outside.  we began inside, donning costumes and exploring shelob's lair in search of treasure...



then we headed outside in the sunny 60 degree weather for a reading from the hobbit.  i handed out maps to each kid and they went on a scavenger hunt to find  swords hidden at places from the hobbit map. each sword was labeled with a name. we pitched a tent for the hobbit hole, and just let the kids run wild.

afterwards, we headed inside for a feast and quiet drawing/writing with feather pens and journals. back outside again before cake and ice cream. a perfect rhythm, a nice small group, and a magical afternoon.


  1. absolutely perfect! My little guy would love this!

  2. would love to know where you got those swords!!!